GoLabel II

A new generation of label design software - Golabel II which builds on the success and once in a decade revision of Golabel.

GoLabel II includes all of the features you love from GoLabel as well as new features and added improvements. From a new user interface design to improved operating efficiency, you will be amazed at how easy it is to design and print a label with GoLabel II.

  • Sophisticated user interface Intuitive icons, with modern look and feel to facilitate the user’s experience.
  • Multiple data input methods creating a label has never been so easy.
  • Multi language user interface.
  • The same label design can be printed in multiple resolutions.
  • Barcode AI Wizard helps guide you step by step.
  • Locate all of your printers across the same network.
  • Print Only Mode designed specifically for production management.
  • The preview function helps device application users to view the data string from the scale before printing.
  • Use .Net Framework 4.0 which is supported by most versions of  Windows.
Caractéristiques techniques
UI Style
Easy to understand and use.
Label Design
1. Multi-label editing 2. Support Label Objects alignment, Cut, Copy & Paste, Undo & Redo, Move to Front & Sent to Back, Select all & Unselect all 3. Support Label Copy To Clipboard 4. Import / Export command file 5. Open label file preview
1. Type: Windows Fonts, TrueType Fonts, Bitmap Fonts, Graphics, Straight Line (Vertical, Horizontal & Oblique), Ellipse, Rectangle, Filled Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle. 2. Function: Bind With Serial Number, Variable, Date, Time, Database Fields, Variable
Preview before printing
Graphic Formats
GoLabel II V2.1.1 _ (Win7、Win10、Win 11)
Produits associés
GoLabel II PDF
GoLabel II PDF
Le meilleur logiciel de conception d’étiquettes pour TOUTES vos imprimantes