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Emulation Languages: What Are They and How Can They Help?
If you are thinking of swapping out that old, expensive printer for a better option, you might hesitate—simply because you know that you know that installing a new printer will be a hassle. However, emulation languages offer an easy and effective way to i
600 DPI Barcode Printing: Why and When to Use It
If you are somewhat new to the world of barcode printing, you may be wondering about the differences among 600 dpi, 300 dpi and 200 dpi printers.
DT or Not DT: That Is the Question
One of the most common questions related to barcode printing is whether direct thermal or thermal transfer printing is the right option for any given application. Both offer advantages for specific types of products. Labels only expected to last for six m
GoDEX Launches NEW Website!
The GoDEX official website has improved design, functionality and navigation, a whole new touch and feel that will dramatically change your experience.
Are All Barcodes Created Equal?
Generally speaking yes, the quality and performance of printed barcodes are pretty much the same, especially when evaluating the mass majority, which are printed on paper using thermal printers.
Don’t be a Case of Barcode Printer Over-Kill
Before you let a slick salesperson “sell you up” to buying a $2,000+, fancy, over-featured, high-end barcode printer, take a minute or two to really rationalize your true barcode printing requirements, and evaluate your options.