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How do Direct Thermal Printheads Work?
Thermal printers are commonly used to meet a variety of printing needs, including barcodes and print receipts. But how do direct thermal print heads really work?
Barcode Printers and Wireless Networking
Whether your company is based in an office or a warehouse, you’ve probably noticed that the increasing number of electronic devices required to do your job has cluttered your workspace.
Old MacDonald Had a Label Printer…
There are some odd terms used in the label printing business, including “rat tail” labels, “piggyback” labels, “butterfly” labels.
Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman! Effective Use of Mailing Label Printers
GoDEX label printers are ideal for large projects, such as printing out mass-mailing lists. We’ve designed durable printers that can handle a high-level of workload and will work when you need them most.
Be Kind, Rewind: Label Rewinders and Your Business
GoDEX does much more than simply make the best barcode and label printers on the market.
Ready, Set, Go! How to Calibrate Your Printer the Right Way
Calibration is an incredibly important step for thermal printer users. Every time a roll of labels or ribbon is changed out, you should perform calibration. Unfortunately, many users overlook this step and end up dealing with complications because of it.
Connection Error! Troubleshooting Database Printing From GoLabel
How can you get past the connection error (Figure 1) when trying to connect your Microsoft Excel Database to GoLabel?
Could Standalone Printing Save You Money?
To handle their various printing needs, most businesses today have some sort of all-in-one printer. There are some benefits to these machines, as they typically can print, copy, fax and perform numerous other tasks you might need on a daily basis.
Does In-house Label Printing Make Sense for Your Company?
If your company has a need for large-scale labeling of products, assets or inventory, you may wonder if you should create your labels internally or outsource to a third party. There are some benefits to both, but with recent innovations in barcode label p
200 vs. 300 vs. 600: Choosing the Right DPI
If you’re in search of a barcode printer for your business, you may quickly become overwhelmed with all the options. How do you know which printer is right for you? One way to narrow down your search is to understand what you need your printer to produce