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About Us

OEM/ODM Business
OEM/ODM Business

If you require an OEM or Custom printer product, GODEX is an excellent choice for you.

In fact, when GODEX first started making barcode printers 20 years ago, almost 100% of our business was in creating OEM and ODM printers for name brand printer companies worldwide. Still today, many years later, OEM and Custom printer manufacturing is a very big part of GODEX’s business and made GODEX a world leader in this field. After working with scores of very large, sophisticated and discriminating OEM / ODM customers, GODEX has developed a company infrastructure and a culture that produces optimal product development performance for the customer. And being located in Taipei Taiwan insures that the highest technology and the lowest costs are included in every OEM and custom printer product Godex manufacturers.

In sum, GODEX can literally build you any thermal printer you can imagine.
Most of the custom printer variations fit into one of the following descriptions:


As an Original Design Manufacture, GODEX supplies the customer with a custom product that has been designed by GODEX to meet customer’s specifications.

Customized Printers

In some circumstances the customer only requires that GODEX place the customers brand one of GODEX’s standard products. The private branding include customer brand on all product elements including: the printer, documentation, and software.

Generic Branding

Perhaps you require a barcode printer product from GODEX that has no brand on it at all, so that you can brand and personalize this product yourself, in your facility. GODEX has a solution for this requirement too, we call it the “BP” printer line. You can order any of our standard printers in the BP configuration and they will come to you in a plain box, with generic documentation and no brand on the printer.


In this arrangement, GODEX manufactures products typically for another manufacturer and under that manufacturers brand name. These products can be complete printers or printer components. Typically there is considerable customization designed by the customer and specified to GODEX such as: custom PCBA, custom firmware, and customer product enclosures and color.