Here’s to Your Health: Barcodes and Accurate Patient Info

For medical institutions and healthcare administrators, patient safety and quality of care are top priorities. However, it’s all too easy for personnel to make errors that could be disastrous for patients. Because this is such an enormous liability for healthcare institutions, it’s crucial to establish the right systems to avoid these risks.    


That’s where high-quality barcode printers enter the picture. By labeling every part of the patient process, you can drastically reduce errors. Barcodes are a key component for everything from instant identification to keeping staff accountable, including diagnosing and treating patients and billing. Using mobile printers means you can streamline your processes to enhance patient safety while bolstering the efficiency of your staff.  


Barcodes at every step of a patient’s stay

Printing and using barcodes will ensure you provide consistent, safe care to patients across the board. Here’s how it works:


  • When the patient checks in, a barcode including all his or her documentation and relevant information gets attached to a medical bracelet.
  • When medical staff visit the patient’s bedside, they scan in via a barcode on their employee name cards.
  • Employees then scan the barcode on the patient’s medical bracelet.
  • Before medication gets distributed, the employee scans the medication’s barcode to ensure it is correct.
  • Once treatment is administered, a label is printed with the time, date and medical assistant’s name. This gets recorded in the patient’s file.


Barcode printers are also essential for tracking, authenticating and documenting billing information for patients. By providing near-perfect accuracy, barcodes are at the core of reducing errors that could harm patients due to inaccurate treatment or medication being administered.


In other words, when it comes to record keeping, barcodes keep everything straight, allowing for accurate maintenance of reports, case papers for patients, equipment examination and data management.


Barcodes might not be the first thing you think of in the world of healthcare management, but they’re critical in maintaining the smooth operations of a medical facility. Just like any other business, hospitals present numerous logistical challenges for administrators. By using barcodes, you can ensure that medical staff are fully focused on caring for patients at all times.


GoDEX offers intuitive software that works closely with its proprietary label design system. With a wide range of features and benefits, GoLabel barcoding software can improve workflow and processes with very little investment, delivering an exceptional solution to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations worldwide.

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