Using QR Codes In Marketing Plans

As many in the marketing industry know, QR codes are a great way to add interaction to your print marketing campaigns. These small, 2D barcodes offer a wide range of opportunities to better connect with customers. Designed to be used mostly by manufacturers for inventory control and product labeling, making these barcodes has become a true force in marketing, as they can be read by smartphones equipped with any of a number of free apps.


If your company is interested in utilizing QR codes, there are a number of ways to add this technology to your marketing plan. To help you become a barcode creator, we’d like to share ways we’ve seen QR codes used, although the possibilities are endless with some creative thinking!


1. Add QR codes to business cards

If you really want to make a good first impression, generate barcodes for use on your company's business cards. By scanning the code, a person can download all of your information, and quickly load it into their contacts. You can also use a code on your card to link to your company’s website or an online portfolio of your work.


2. Incorporate codes into printed advertisements and literature

If you place a QR code in front of a buyer when they’re making a decision on whether or not to go with your product, you have the ability to communicate with them at the most critical moment. You could link them to product reviews, testimonials, how-to videos or other media that may help them make a decision.


3. Link to your new address

If you have recently moved your business to a new location, QR Codes on flyers, postcards or other printed materials can guide customers to your new location. By using longitude and latitude of the new location, Google Maps can provide step by step directions to deliver the customer to your new doorstep. 


4. Include them on your packaging for quick and easy follow-up

Use the back of the package to create labels for customer service information, consumer tips and tricks or how-to videos. Keeping customers engaged after the initial sale is important to encourage repeat purchases.


5. Link to your app in the app store for easy downloading

Launching a new app? Make the process of finding and downloading your app quick and easy for your audience while increasing your downloads! Qr codes can be linked directly to your new app in the Google Play or Apple app stores. 


6. Use it to promote social media

Embed QR codes in literature that will bring the scanner to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Once you have them at your site, include a call to action that will make them want to continue engaging with you on these social networks.


7. Add to event invitations

A frequent source of headaches for event planners is people who fail to RSVP, which can create major logistical challenges. With a QR code, you can prompt an RSVP on the spot. You can also use a barcode to link to directions to the event or share event updates.


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