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Ready, Set, Go! How to Calibrate Your Printer the Right Way

Calibration is an incredibly important step for thermal printer users. Every time a roll of labels or ribbon is changed out, you should perform calibration. Unfortunately, many users overlook this step and end up dealing with complications because of it.

Calibrating your barcode printer is a necessary step to address a variety of issues, including margin settings, offset functionality, label alignment, and image alignment. Taking this step before embarking on a big job is always a smart idea. As an example, here’s how the process works with the ZX420 industrial label printer:

  • Ensure the printer is shut down with the label in the correct placement in the printer
  • Note that the LCD screen is on the face of the machine with the directional buttons below and the power button on the bottom left with the enter button on the bottom right
  • Press the power button, then press the right directional key and hold for three seconds
  • Press the right directional key again to access printer control
  • Press the enter button three times to calibrate the label


Now that the printer is calibrated, it’s time to print a test page:

  • Press the right directional key for three seconds and then click on the printer control
  • Click on test and press enter for a self-test page


Here’s how to calibrate another one of our popular models—the RT200i desktop printer:

  • Press the c-button, which is located on the bottom of the machine, for two seconds
  • The printer will perform an auto-calibration on the labels parameter


Now that the printer is calibrated, print a test page:

  • Ensure the printer is off
  • While holding down feed button on the top of the printer, turn the printer back on
  • The printer will measure the label stock and then print a test page providing information on the printer and its setup


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