Be Kind, Rewind: Label Rewinders and Your Business

GoDEX does much more than simply make the best barcode and label printers on the market. We also offer a range of accessories that perfectly complement our equipment. One example is our label rewinders, which are designed to make your barcode printing needs as easy and efficient as possible.


Label rewinders are specifically for winding up labels and gathering them on a roll. This is a key part of the printing process, as without a label rewinder, you would have to manually collect all the labels. The bottom line is that by using a label rewinder, you can devote valuable labor resources to other tasks. It’s a clear value-add for your business because you can streamline and accelerate the labeling process.


Any business for which you are printing large numbers of labels and barcodes means you will definitely need this accessory. Label rewinders are a key component of the warehouse, shipping and logistics industries. Whether you have a thermal printer or a color printer, it’s a great device suited for either batch processing or label printing.


Our label rewinders are simple to use, easy to maintain and lightweight. They also come with a variety of other benefits, such as:

  • Support both internal and external label rewinding to better meet your printing needs
  • Work with all GoDEX printer models
  • Excellent design for maximum durability
  • Colored LED indicator to indicate status of label rewinder
  • Support multiple core sizes
  • Can be positioned on either side of the printer
  • Easy to control speed and tension to meet the needs of every job


Getting the right label printer is a good start. But accessories can truly add value by providing convenience and ease to the final product. Since 1993, GoDEX has been a global leader in the printing industry. Trusting GoDEX for all your label and barcode printing needs is easy, as our products of outstanding quality and our customer service is unparalleled in the industry. That’s why we have a customer base of hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses, who trust us with their wide range of printing needs. 


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