Barcode Printers and Wireless Networking

Whether your company is based in an office or a warehouse, you’ve probably noticed that the increasing number of electronic devices required to do your job has cluttered your workspace. To help with this issue, Godex offers a comprehensive wireless printing solution to free you from excess wires and cables.


The advantages of having your barcode printers connected on a network rather than through cables are widespread. For one, they offer faster installation for any devices you’d like to add, and they also allow for more flexibility for where your printers are located. If you’re tired of walking through a maze of cubicles to get the barcode you just printed, a wireless network is definitely for you.


In addition, networked barcode printers can also be accessed by more users, as well as from portable computers running on a Wi-Fi network. In retail stores, the front counter can now share barcode printers with back-office eliminating the need to purchase additional printers. 


Wireless technology has become more widespread and more convenient and easy to use, so you no longer need to be tied to your computer to print. In addition, this technology has become more accessible and as companies produce more products, wireless products and connectivity are now more affordable for nearly every organization, no matter if you’re a huge company or a small business with a handful of employees.


With several options to choose from and user-friendly technology for it all, Godex wireless printers make it simple to remove the extra wires and cords from your office setup.


GoDEX has become a global leader in the barcode label printing space since its founding in 1993. The company delivers a broad range of high-quality label printers and accessories with highly customizable options.


GoDEX is unmatched because of its excellent products and outstanding customer service. That’s why the company has a customer base of thousands of businesses and organizations that trust its team with their unique printing needs.

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